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Artist Statement

I tend to shoot photos intuitively, much like keeping a visual journal. When I have my camera in hand, I’m very actively engaged with my surroundings. As such, photography is my gateway for connecting to the world around me, and communicating what I feel. With that, I strive to illuminate the simple beauty that is all around us. I want to reveal an unnoticed gesture, focus on parts of the whole or draw the viewer into a world not before seen. I hope that people come away with new insights, another way to see the familiar.


A friend once told me that when she looked at my photographs, it was like looking into another world, like a peephole into a secret garden. Another said that certain images invite her in, giving her a haven from hectic times.

I’ve always been drawn to photographing and that impulse intensified after my first photography class in junior college. I went on to majoring in photography at the University of Florida. Since then I’ve continued to show my work in local galleries and studio exhibitions, first in Florida, then the Bay Area. Currently, I am a member of Artworks Downtown in San Rafael and have been in numerous exhibitions there, as well as at Falkirk Mansion, the fine art exhibits at Marin County Fair, plus local venues. I’ve also had a number of solo shows at Mill Valley’s City Hall.



Solo Shows

Oct-Dec 2021              Aroma Cafe: Current work, San Rafael, CA

September 2021          Art on the Avenue, SA Arts Commission: Current work, San Anselmo, CA
June 2017                    Elan Fitness Center: "That's How I See It-2", San Anselmo, CA
March 2017                  Mill Valley City Hall: "That's How I See It", Mill Valley, CA
August-Sept. 2014       Fairfax Public Library: "Here, There & Everywhere-2" • Fairfax, CA
January 7-29, 2014      Mill Valley City Hall: "Here, There & Everywhere", Mill Valley, CA
July 3-Aug 31, 2013     Cushman & Wakefield: "Here and There", 456 Montgomery Street, SF, CA
Feb 9- April 5, 2013      Marin Coffee Roasters: Current Work, San Anselmo, CA
Sept/Oct 2011               Underground Gallery/Artworks Downtown: "You Are What You See", SR, CA
March 2011                   Tyler Florence Shop: "Take a Closer Look", Mill Valley, CA
April 2007                      Mill Valley City Hall: "Paris in April", Mill Valley, CA
Feb/March 2007            Lyla's Chocolates: Paris Photographs, Mill Valley, CA
Dec 2003/Aug 2004      Fairfax Bakery: "Paris in Fairfax", Fairfax, CA
November 1996            Mill Valley Public Library: "Small Wonders", Mill Valley, CA
June/Sept. 1994            San Francisco International Airport: Images of Golden Gate Park, SF, CA
April 1994Mill Valley      Public Library: "Desert Views & Still Lives", Mill Valley, CA

March 1989                   Visual Spectrum Gallery: San Francisco, CA
March 1987                   Copa Cafe: "New York, Just Like I Pitchad It", San Rafael, CA
October 1982                Hennipen Center For The Arts: Portraits, Minneapolis, MN


Group Shows

July 13-29, 2023                        Atlantic Gallery - "Connections VII Exhibition" • 548 West 28th Street, NY

April 7-May 20, 2023                 Art Works Downtown - "Delicious: a feast for your eyes" • San Rafael, CA

Sept 3, 2022                              Artists Within - a Cedars Gallery - "Delicious" • San Anselmo, CA

Aug 5-Sept 17, 2022                 Art Works Downtown - "Photographic Essence" • San Rafael, CA

July 24-Oct 1, 2022                   Marin Society of Artists’ Online Gallery Show • "All About Women", Virtual Gallery

July 12-30, 2022                        Atlantic Gallery - "Connections 6 Exhibition" • 548 West 28th Street, NY

December 2021                         Art Works Downtown - "Members' Holiday Exhibit" • San Rafael, CA

June 4-Aug 26, 2021                 Artists Within - a Cedars Gallery - "Harmony" • San Anselmo, CA
Nov/Dec. 2018, 17, 16              Art Works Downtown - "Small Works" • San Rafael, CA
Oct 5-Dec 28, 2018                   Bank of Marin - Group Show • San Rafael, CA
Aug 11-Sept 8, 2017                 Art Works Downtown - "Tiny Chickens" • San Rafael, CA
2014, 13, 12, 11, 08, 05, 01      Falkirk Cultural Center - Annual Spring Juried Exhibitions • San Rafael, CA
July 12 - Aug 23, 2013              Art Works Downtown - "Transitions" • San Rafael, CA
March 1-April 30, 2012              MTC Community Art Program - "Marin Artists Invitational" • Oakland, CA
January/April 2010                    Ross Valley Artists Winter Show • San Anselmo, CA
Sept/Dec 2007                           Falkirk Cultural Center - "Narrative Photographs" • San Rafael, CA
September 2002                        Falkirk Cultural Center - "Evocations - Five Photographers" • San Rafael, CA
2000, 1999, 98, 97, 95, 89, 84   Marin County Fair - Fine Art Division • San Rafael, CA
November 1999, 98, 97             Town Center - Marin Arts Council Members Exhibitions • Corte Madera, CA
Sept/Oct 1998                            Falkirk Cultural Center - "Inside Marin" • San Rafael, CA
March 1998                                621 Gallery-"fem'-i-nie n.women collectively: womenkind" • Tallahassee, FL
Nov/Dec 1997                            Falkirk Cultural Center - "Masks of Mirth and Memory" • San Rafael, CA
August 1997, June 1993            Marin Comm. Foundation - Marin Arts Council Grantees Show • Larkspur, CA
April 1997                                   Marin Co. Civic Center - "Marin Photographers Working Hard" • San Rafael, CA
May/Aug 1996                            Metropolitan Transportation Commission - "Visions Unwrapped" • Oakland, CA
Nov/Dec 1995                            Falkirk Cultural Center - "All Saints/All Souls" • San Rafael, CA
October 1995                            Artisans Gallery - "Impressions of the American West" • Mill Valley, CA
February 1994                           Fairfax Public Library - Portraits • Fairfax, CA
October 1993                            Bernard Osher Marin Jewish Comm. Cntr - Eclectic Photos • San Rafael, CA
September 1993                       The Marin Theatre Company - "Six Women" • Mill Valley, CA
September 1992, 79, 78           Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival • Mill Valley, CA
July 1992                                   White Horse Cafe • San Anselmo, CA
June 1992                                  Oliver's Bookstore • San Anselmo, CA
June 1992                                  Cafe Nuvo 1st Annual Photography Show • San Anselmo, CA
June 1986                                  Bay Model - MAC Grant Recipient Award Show  • Sausalito, CA
August 1985                              Falkirk 10th Annual Exhibition- Portraits • San Rafael, CA
March 1983                               Cafe Nuvo - "Views From The West"  • San Anselmo, CA
November 1982, 80                   Cirrus Gallery • Mill Valley, CA
December 1978                         Hale/Van Hass Gallery - Erotic Art Show • Sausalito, CA
June 1975                                  Winter Park Art Festival • Winter Park, FL

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